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Mortgage Fraud

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Mortgage Fraud continues to be an issue of shared concern for the real estate industry and the public.  It is a criminal act. Avoid being an unaware participant in mortgage fraud.  Be suspicious of situations where you are: asked to inflate your income on a mortgage application, indicate you plan to live in a property being purchased as a rental property or provide other false statements asked not to complete certain sections of a form or document offered a fee for the use of your name and credit information discouraged from visiting the property, discouraged from having the property appraised or discouraged from inspecting the property you are purchasing. Also, if it sounds "too good to be true", it probably is really too good to be true.


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Mortgage Fraud is the biggest concern for everyone to worry about. According to my point of view, you should to visit https://www.australian-writings.org/ to know more and it is duty of the government to made strict laws to stop such criminal activities and those peoples who are engaging in this movie.

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