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Marble or Granite?

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Marble and Granite countertops are two beautiful additions to any high-end kitchen. However, due to their unique physical properties, each is suited to different uses and requires different care.  
Marble with its unique random appearance and natural veins adds warmth and elegance to kitchens. However, it is porous and easier to scratch than granite. Marble is also more susceptible to the acid found in many
foods and can be tarnished easily by oil and chemical cleaning products.  Both marble and granite should receive the application of sealants and conditioning products that are specifically designed for each.  
GO RUSTIC. In many parts of Europe the scratches, discolouring and wear marks found on stone countertops are considered signs of character and personality.


This is a highly debated

This is a highly debated subject, one to which we don't know the answer exactly. It's true, most people want to add their personal touch to the house, either through a living room or a high-end countertop in the kitchen. Our preferences might be different, but we all want the same thing, to improve our lifestyle.

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