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Where Do I Start? New Agent with questions

No matter where you’re coming from, heading straight ahead into a career that is paid completely on commission is scary. From my personal experience, and from listening to the challenges of my coaching clients,

Here are my top four recommendations to get you off the bench and into the game:

1. Show up. Every day, five days a week, on a schedule. If you’re coming from a corporate job, this is easy. If you’re not, it may test your endurance, but getting into a professional 8 a.m.-5 p.m. mode right away will set you up for success like nothing else. Don’t get into the mindset of “I am in real estate because the schedule is flexible.” That’s the mindset of failure, in my opinion. Go into any real estate office and the people you see working are the successful ones. The ones not there may not be in the business in a year or two. Once you get going, you’ll be in the office less and out with clients more, but getting into the workday routine of a pro will allow you to determine your schedule as you get busy (not your clients), and set you up for as normal a life as you can have in this business.

2. Let everyone know you’re in business. Social media, personal notes, email announcements—take advantage of every communication tool available to you to announce your new career. Be sure to let people know that you have the backing of your team leader, mentor or broker guiding you so when they hire you, they get the experience of these people, too. Let them know you are serious about your new business, excited to help them with their real estate needs, available just to answer questions. Then, put all of these people on a schedule to hear from you regularly—once a week to start, once a month as you get busy. If no one knows the shop is now open, you won’t have visitors, so let them know.

3. Check out the inventory, once a week at least. You’ve got time, so become an expert on your local market. Use some of that 8-5 time in Tip No. 1 above and get out to see properties. You can simply schedule an “agent preview” whether or not you have clients. Plan to preview all new properties in your target geographic areas weekly. You’ll have something to talk about when people ask you about the market, which they will.

4. Enjoy your downtime. We all need to recharge. Don’t be that agent that is one-dimensional. Enjoy the things you’ve always done and got out into the community. Have fun, eat well, exercise, journal, read books, go see movies and spend time with your family. I can’t emphasize enough how the recharge time will give you the stamina to help you to have maximum energy for this new career.


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